T-19: Change as thick as honeycomb

Where to start? Its 11.20pm in a hotel room in the Banbury Whateley Hall hotel and I’m knocking this out on my tiny iPod screen whilst Alison sleeps fitfully next to me. I can’t  start talking about the Houhynms just yet, in a little bit. After 2 days of pack horsing our ‘coffin furniture’ between home that was and an undisclosed self storage facility that has been simply Ace, we are now officially on the road to America and beyond.

“It’s a dangerous business, going out of your door. You step onto the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

That beyond bit will be Chile for Christmas, building a family home in Costa Rica, watching ships pass in the day and night through the Panama Canal, Cuba (last chance to see before Castro snuffs it and/or the embargo is lifted and/or the Golden M opens in Revolution square) and then back to New York in February 2013 to watch my favourite Ice Hockey team the New Jersey Devils play their dreaded rivals the New York Rangers for my birthday at Madison Square Gardens.

Of course, sayeth the pessimist,  that all the visas work,we don’t get shot by a drive-by in North Las Vegas ( I learnt that from the van driver yesterday who lived in Las Vegas for 9 years – more about serendipity later fight fans) , dengue fever, the current cholera epidemic in Cuba, and after a near-Stanley cup winning triumph Ilya Kovalchuk, the Devils $115 million dollar zeitgeist can floor the mighty Rangers at ‘the rock’.

…what “everything but the kitchen sink” looks like

We fly in T-19 days to Boston Logan Airport on the 5th September it’s nearly T-18, I haven’t even scratched the surface, I have a camera so pictures are a-coming, and stuff about far away lands.

The clock just struck midnight at Banbury Cross. Believe me, there’s no fine lady on her white horse but an endless fleet of be capped chunder monkeys rev their Citroen saxos to climax.

…Banbury Cross at Midnight…Note the fine lady minus the white horse in the background

I wonder what Julian Assange is doing at the moment in thedark in the Ecuadorian embassy? Makes you think don’t it ?

Facebook is not your friend numbnuts.


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