T-8: Cake Boss, Wendover

You might have caught Cake Boss on Channel 5 or accidentally stumbled upon this US Reality TV Series on You Tube. Cake Boss aka Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro, Jr’s domain is Hoboken, New Jersey USA and his cakes are colorful creations and just BIG. I mean really BIG! 

It’s no secret. Alison and I LOVE CAKE.  Everyone we know LOVES CAKE. From Andy T and Rebecca to Gilly and Dick. But we know one generous person among you who not only likes cake, she makes it and then gives it us.  Now that’s a really useful friend to have around. A good friend, so thank you. A BIG THANK YOU to Anne Jones.

Ladies and Gentlemen. If cake is the language of the soul, then with a pronounced French accent I give you this…produced by the new Cake Boss of Wendover

Sucre Bleu! Refiler la patate chaude

Anne presented this to pookaverse at our final squash game on Tuesday 28 at the Aylesbury Lawn Tennis and Squash Club with Hilary Thomps Tomlinson in close support. It was the spoonful of sugar to the all too familiar drubbing that we rohan now receives by AJ (not CJ) on the court. Yes that’s right. For the men among you who probably are bristling to knock me out before I say the next bit. Rohan gets beaten at Squash by Girls.

In my/our defense, AJ is a High-Ranking Member of Her Majesty’s Police Service – so you know that the score will always be kept properly during the ordeal. A tenacious squash player. And yes, a bloody girl.

Thank you all who came to see us off at ‘The Russell Arms’ (I’m here all week, try the beef) from the Sunday Morning squash training. Anne, Hilary and of course (doffs cap) the ‘captain’, ‘the not-so smiling assassin’ Trish Malliff. Sorry that you couldn’t make it Jan. You were missed. And thank you for your text message – Alison and I have read it several times and are touched by your words.

For all those feeling excluded at this point in the post. Or just grinning in a saccharine rictus. Hang on in there.  This is the calm before the storm and there’s going to be plenty of posts with tales of desperation, confusion, ranting and generally foul-mouthed fun.

Oh Anne. You told me not to take pictures without people in them. This is for you Cake Boss…


“I’m sure some of that icing fell on the digitalis…..Rohan?
…Do you want to put the kettle on and I’ll make us both a ‘lovely’ cup of tea”

Post Thought for the Day:  Apart from looking and sounding like a vapid, brain-damaged, over-sexed, cross-eyed Yorkshire Terrier that’s been involved in some inter-species tryst, isn’t there something just ….’unnatural’ …..about Claudia Winkleman?


One Response to “T-8: Cake Boss, Wendover”

  1. Anne Says:

    You see – I knew I was going to have problems with this system!! Do you know – if you scroll down – you find loads of other stuff over and above the last comment that Rohan and Alison have put on the site – go figure!!! Apologies for being so THICK!!!

    Glad you liked the cake – just so you know – they have loads of cake makers / programmes from America – and I am deeply disappointed that you have only just discovered Buddy (he’s not the best by the way – there are many more, even more over the top presenters over there – you obviously don’t watch the food channel very often!!) However, just to make you homesick – without a shadow of a doubt, the best ones are British (of course) – Chocywocydoodah from Brighton!! Look that one up on your website and weep at what you have left behind in Blighty!!

    I expect you to post pictures of the cakes that you eat over there – just so I can check out the competition. Remember – I am also expecting to see very large checked shorts when you come back due (primarily) to the amount of cake you eat whilst you are over there!!!

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