T-4 Gordon’s Alive!

One way to save even more money on car hire in the US is to bring your own Satellite Navigation device. Costs from most rental companies vary between an additional $12 to $31 USD dollars a day depending on the size car you can afford to hire – compact to standard class. With this in mind, our TOM TOM XL IQ Routes Edition has been’re-appraised’ and gave its face a wipe with a flannel like a mucky child (what a great name for a new clothing range. Anyone?) and a new map of the USA, Canada and Mexico downloaded  for a whopping £49.99!?!

When I finally came to in front of the TOMTOM payment confirmation page, I consoled myself and Alison for that matter with the fact that ultimately this will save some money in the long run.

When asked whether he was looking forward to co-starring with Pamela Anderson in the pantomime Aladdin last year, he replied: ‘Pamela ****ing Anderson? I wouldn’t touch her with yours. I’ve starred alongside Sophia Loren.’

Anyhoo. The interesting bit.

Did you know that after a Facebook campaign attracted over 25,000 supporters, Brian Blessed (National Treasure) recorded and is now one of the downloadable voices for TOMTOM? I had a trawl/troll on You Tube and put in some links of Brian for you to have a look at.

TOMTOM sponsored link of one of  the recording sessions

Brian Blessed on ‘Have I Got News for you’

Brian Blessed and the Petrol Crisis on ‘Have I Got News for You’

Brian Blessed says “Bollocks” as Stephen Fry cracks up

Downloaded and Installed. Delighted. Makes the prospect of a Nissan left-hand drive automatic in congested Cape Cod bound weekend traffic more palatable.

Finally. Did you know that Satellite Navigation Systems are routinely confiscated on entry and returned on exit when entering and leaving Cuba? We’ll let you know…

Post Recommendation of the Day: Have you discovered the Count yet? If you appreciate  character actors and love malapropisms, watch  Count Arthur Strong (played by Steve Delaney) on You Tube – download and listen to his Radio 4 series on iTunes. Highly Recommended winter listening 😉


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