T-3 An English Country Mile

Since leaving Aylesbury on 17 August 2012, seems like a thousand centuries ago, we have relied on the kindness and support of Friends and Family to survive the interim period before the non-oclock jump on 05 September 2012. We have also been about a bit.

For looking after us a BIG Thankyou to:

Terri and Andrew in Wakefield, Yorkshire.

Terri and Andrew found love in one of the least accessible places and are a testament to the term ‘Enduring Love’.

Robin, Cathy, Niamh and Isla and  for the kind use of their home in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

It may be their house, but it’s Charlie’s (“That’s where we lost McDonald”) point as he is probably the best dog in the world.

Charlie – Probably the best Dog in the World

Rachelle and Brian Chippendale for the final leg in Crewe, Cheshire.

My sister and her menagerie of fur and foul  featuring her most foul exhibit – her husband Brian.

On the way to the airport – the stunning Formby Point, Merseyside.

Recommended tip for Driving abroad

One recommended, though not essential item when driving abroad is an International Driving Permit. There are two types of permit available based on the year that they were signed into international law – 1926 and 1949. The most popular permit to obtain is the 1949 permit. This covers the majority of countries in the world including USA and Chile – both of which we intend to drive on this trip.

The two Mrs Kinsella’s share war stories over their mutual, and unfortunate association

Obtaining an International Driving Permit is fairly straightforward and requires that you provide on application:

  • a Photocard Driving Licence
  • a Part II, Paper Counterpart
  • a Passport
  • a recent Passport Photograph that conforms to the passport specification.

Permitted International Drivers – even the double chin

The cheapest place to obtain the permit is from the Post Office – currently £5.50 as at September 2012. However, not all Post Offices issue this document. So check online first to identify the nearest branch that can issue you with your International Driving Permit.


2 Responses to “T-3 An English Country Mile”

  1. Meriel Says:

    Good luck Alison & Rohan – looking forward to following you on your adventure
    Meriel x

  2. Thompson Says:

    Only one day to go! Wishing you godspeed and a good in-flight movie.

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