“You have cleared the Tower…”

Last night we spent with family in Crewe, Cheshire at Rohan’s sister Rachelle’s house that she shares with her husband Brian. With Jose (Rohan’s Mum) also present we sat down to a fantastic lasagne made by Rachelle closely followed by Rhubarb Crumble and Custard (that hadn’t been fiddled around with – at least not too much) for the last home-cooked meal in 6 months.

Following dinner underneath a colourful ‘Bon Voyage’ Banner made by Rachelle and Charlotte (Brian’s daughter), the five of us sat down to a party game. As mentioned previously, Alison and I had bought a big poster map of the USA and stuck red dots all over it indicating our route and the multiple destinations on our journey.

“….pouring acid onto the living brains of his screaming victims…mmm…now let me see”

With a freshly delivered map to Rohan’s mum, we sat down with a new set of white dots and played several variants of the game “Where am I”. Rohan and Alison set cryptic clues whilst Brian, Rachelle and Jose searched the map and after much deliberation stuck the dot on the town, city or monument.

Questions included:

1. Can you find Niagara Falls? Answer: Buffalo, NY State
2. Can you find the Zombie Capital of the USA? Answer: Pittsburgh, Pennyslavania.
2. Bugs Bunny always said when emerged, lost, from tunnelling “I knew I should have taken that left turn at Alberqueque”, but where is Alberqueque? Answer: Arizona
3. He created mindless sex slaves by kidnapping, torturing and pouring acid onto the living brains of his screaming victims whilst conscientiously turning up each day at the Ambrosia plant to mix custard. Where is Geoffrey Dahmers lair? Answer: Milawaukee, Wisconsin.

Rohan set one last question for the contestants.

America has produced 87% of the world’s serial killers. However, only one state has neither reported, identified or captured a serial killer. Name that state. Answer: After much deliberation and a few guesses with an additional clue that the world’s most prolific living horror writer lives there behind his spooky gates, the correct answer of Maine, USA was given by Rachelle. The author is of course, Stephen King

This morning, less than 4 hours ago, we woke up, dressed, packed and weighed our bag’s with Rohan’s nifty attachment that Alison hasn’t been able to keep her hands off. Ate breakfast and headed to Rohan’s Mums. Rohan’s car – dropped off, bags and valuable items deposited and following a short 10 minute Taxi Ride to the start of the trip – Crewe Station in Cheshire – Rachelle, Jose, Alison and Rohan said an emotional Goodbye – for now.

Three Roses

So from the speeding 11:56 from Crewe to Euston tearing through the countryside (Just at Milton Keynes) on a beautiful autumnal morning in September using premium rate wi-fi services (Boo Virgin, Booooooooo! I am delighted that the scumbag political class that they awarded the contract to that other set of bastards), Pookaverse brings you the latest pictures under an hour after they were taken.

I said to Alison this morning as I drove my car for the last time before handing over custody: This morning, Kids went to school; Mum’s amd Dad’s went to work; someone will be going to a wedding; another will be going to a funeral; someone will be receiving bad news -the cancer ahs come out of remission; someone will be receiving good news “I love you”; some will die; some will be born; some will
laugh; some will cry; some will despair whilst another will hope.

Time for the Salt…their a slug in the garden….

The only thing of any certainty when you embark on a long journey is that people
will be doing exactly the same thing whilst you are away and when you return.

But today, 5th of september 2012, we are on the road and nothing will ever be
the same again.

Whatever happens in your world today, Do well. You are in our thoughts.

My brave little sister

My mum


One Response to ““You have cleared the Tower…””

  1. Terri and Andrew Says:

    Hi Ali and Rohan, I guess by now you could be in the air flying towards the USA and your first port of call Boston?!! Glad you had a lovely day to see the British countryside in Auturm next time will be spring! We are well I have not long come in from a works meal at Pizza Express and Andrew had his tea a the Chippy he has been working on his pointing job with the aid of his scafolding tower!
    Lots of Love to you both and each journey begins with one little step!! Terri and Andrew xx

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