Do you remember the GDR?

Pookaverse will be visiting Harvard College tomorrow in the town of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

In the meantime, it’s time to ask yourself an awkward question.

Do you remember the GDR?








You heard of the former East Germany. You heard of the Brutal oppression and of the desperation of some of its citizens to escape the regime sometimes leading to them being shot dead in the killing zone of the Berlin Wall? Of the Stasi. Telephones tapped. Others lives asunder. Precision military marches in terrifying helmets. Erich Honecker. The failed Economic dream?

Apart from that.

Do you remember the national anthem of the former GDR ? Perhaps one of the finest National Anthems that is no more. Lament the loss of an Olympic superpower – in less than flattering running shorts.

You be the judge.

What’s your favourite National Anthem?


3 Responses to “Do you remember the GDR?”

  1. Thompson Says:

    Not only had I forgotten the anthem but I’d forgotten the curious symbol on the flag too. A hammer and a compass, surrounded by a ring of rye apparently.

    • pookaverse Says:

      Rye Andy? Does that raise more awkward questions about the former GDR? i.e. did Erich Honecker make off with all the crisp breads when he fled, mewling, to the Chilean Embassy in Moscow?

  2. Rach Says:

    I do indeed Bro. I also remember East German “Hospitality” when I was leaving the CZech Republic by Road in 1995 after a tour of the country. Big dogs in the back of our Dodge 50 looking for drugs but succeeding only in ragging my handbag to get at my Asthma Inhalers. This was followed by us being taken into a room one by one scared witless not knowing what was going on behind the door. I had to raise my tshirt in front of 6 border guards to prove i didnt have drugs strapped around my waist – dirty buggers!
    My fave National Anthem has to be Italy. It’s so jolly it sounds like they just got drunk and made it up as they went along! Delightful 🙂

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