Just pick one from the line Sir…….You mean, you mean ANY ONE?!?!

When you are sat in you kitchen at home in the tempest of a British Summer.  Trawling through endless web pages of car rental quotes for the USA. It seems an age from standing in a Parking Lot in sweltering heat somewhere near Boston Logan Airport after leaving the air-conditioned registration office. Because when you choose which type/size car – ‘Compact’, ‘Standard’ etc – when the selection states ‘Toyota Corolla or Equivalent’ that the Equivalent  is about the  size of it.

The only thing this SUV doesn’t do is say “Welcome to America”. Thought the Massachusetts Plate – “978 SH7 Spirit of Freedom” – the state motto.

“No Alison, it’s your turn to Drive……Alison?”. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Expecting a Arkansas Chuggerbug from Wacky Races for the ‘Standard’ type/class we selected, instead the Manager pointed to a line of what I would consider to be luxury vehicles and said “Anyone from that line Sir, keys are inside”.  When I came to, I did ask him again by the way. We could have selected any one of 8 vehicles including an eminently nickable Silver Jeep (you can just see the wing of it in the picture). Instead we went with the modest (and believe me this is a modest SUV option by American Standards) option (in beige which is less attractive to car thieves) –  Alison’s choice – a good choice by the way for first time drivers. For detail buffs among you, it is a KIA Sportage – a compact SUV….with an ECO mode?….driving at the lower average  speed of 55mph?….. so anyone thinking I am going to issue a second public apology to Friends of the Earth can just bloody well sod off!

On the first leg of the journey – terrified about bumping the thing which only has 300 miles on the clock – We drove from Boston Logan Airport to Craigsville Beach, Cape Cod 81 miles later to stay at a local B & B – Route 1, Trip 1 on the spreadsheet.

A ‘stormy’ Craigsville Beach as Daniel from Boston assured me….”normally like a pond”…Shame on you Hurricane Leslie…Shame!

Alison managed to prise my fingers off the wheel at the third attempt by sticking a finger up my bum. Which apparently is how you get a dog to unclamp it’s jaws from your person if it attacks you. Apparently.

We have to be up to sail/rip it up to Nantucket Island on the High-Speed Ferry in 3 hours. Back earlier tonight, so will bring you all up to date on yesterday at Hyannis (JFK’s holiday home) and the rare appearance of a rainbow in Provincetown – the landing place of the Mayflower and the Pilgrim Father’s.


4 Responses to “Just pick one from the line Sir…….You mean, you mean ANY ONE?!?!”

  1. Thompson Says:

    God that photo of the beach looks fantastic. Makes me want to wear my best sou’wester and eat some chowder. You are now officially a long way from Milton Keynes.

    • pookaverse Says:

      ….and the furthest East in America it is possible to go. You would love the clam chowder Andy. Like thick chicken soup with fish chunks and potato served with a complimentary bag of oyster biscuits. Will post more food pics 🙂


  2. Martin Says:

    Hi intrepid explorers
    I’m enjoying your tales very much – i’ve just caught up on them all – I haven’t managed to sort out the auto update thingy yet (shaking fist at screen & cursing the technology Gods)
    It’s nice to see that you’ve only been there a few days and have already been anally violated. I’d assumed you’d have to at least wait until you were jailed before experiencing that part of the American dream. Sterling effort old chap!
    Looking forward to your pictures of the giant ball of string.

    p.s. be careful with the Sat-Nav, you remember what happened in Prometheus to the English guy with the state of the art mapping technology!
    – he got lost I meant, not the turning into a strange crab like contortionist thing, though who knows …

  3. Rach Says:

    Watch out for Dubya Bro!!! The owls are not what they seem….
    By the way, Aunty Betty wants to follow your trip so mum has given her the plan and the link. Mum will tell her to click follow so when you see it, you will know who it is. Their surname is davenport

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