…and then there was a rainbow…

Hyannis, MA. Gateway to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Island. Also the main holiday destination for the Kennedy Dynasty that still rules the American psyche over 44 years since the last viable Kennedy Presidential candidate – Robert (Bobby) Kennedy (RFK) – was shot dead by Sirhan Sirhan on June 6, 1968 in the Ambassador Hotel Los Angeles. Pookaverse took the tour on Sunday (09/09)  leaving from the picturesque Hyannis fishing port on the ‘Patience’ under a cloudy Autumnal sky to view the Kennedy stronghold from 3 miles out to sea in the treacherous waters off Cape Cod. This is where the great man himself deliberated over difficult decisions. He would return here to think things over. Look out over the bay and decide what to do? For example, the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962. If you saw this place, you would know what motivated his decision to do what is right and not necessarily convenient.

Camelot….Between the American flag and Alison’s bonce…still home to the fallen flag of the Kennedy dynasty

We have been staying in ‘The Blue Room’ at the excellent Old Hundreds House B&B run by Christine (a keen bird watcher) and Conrad (a keen bird feeder filler and watcher).  Amongst the many threads of conversation over Pecan Rye bread topped with Cranberry Jam and Cream Cheese (like a scone with jam and cream), Conrad told us that one time Eunice and Ethel Kennedy stopped outside this beautifully restored property on the Salt Marshes to admire his roses. They then asked him if he could dig them up and give them to them for their  garden. He declined.  “Presumably they would pay you for the roses and your trouble”, I asked. “No”, said Conrad, “They are pretty much like our version of your British Royal family”. Self-entitlement therefore knows no bounds for Windsor or Camelot alike.

After we disembarked from the ‘Patience’, a big bowl of clam chowder with oyster crackers at Spankys. Sublime.  Fingers back on the map. We then travelled to Chatham on the East coast of Cape Cod (Past a Pirate-themed mini-golf game complete with full-sized pirates – nearly performed an illegal U-turn for that little nest of fun) which is a pretty little boutique ridden town before finally driving 53 miles up the coast to Province Town – the landing place of the Mayflower and the Pilgrim Fathers right on the tip of the Cape Cod peninsular.

Where through the winding, somber-lit  sand dunes we witnessed  a game-changing moment. A rainbow. Following a quick coke, a comfort break  and a story given by the barmaid of how the hotel was still recovering from the previous weekends invasion by Harvard Students (still cleaning up the condoms and ‘chips’) in the atmospheric Province Town Inn (built in 1938)

A rainbow at the Province Town Inn – the most Easterly point in the USA.

Pookaverse  emerged 30 minutes to an even larger crowd of onlookers to see one of the most amazing sights – almost miraculous. I won’t tell you how we went to Province Town proper afterwards for a bite to eat….that Province Town has one of the largest Gay Communities in the USA…that the streets filled with Petuli Oil and a 6-foot, immaculately dressed drag queen with a pair of the most perfect legs I have ever seen on man, woman nor beast breezed through this Glastonbury-esque metropolis while all the gay men went “AAAhhhhhh”.  …..Hmmmmmmm. That’s all I have to say about that. Who wants to talk about Sports?

Who wants to talk about Wayne Rooney kicking Van Persie’s head clean off his shoulders. Hrrrrrahhh. MEN!!!!….Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh.

….not like any rainbow we’ve seen before….it changes as you looked at it…


One Response to “…and then there was a rainbow…”

  1. jose Says:

    loving your very descriptive blog, its like travelling with you and
    Ali, hows driving on the other side going?

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