Stop Press! Route Change. Maine, USA

After some discussion, the Route and Trip for our next destination will be from Hyannis, Massachusetts to Portland, Maine with stops at Ogunquit, Kennebunk and Kennebunkport. This is not included in full on the spreadsheet and came when Pookaverse decided to follow it’s heart.

And not go to Rhode Island and miss out Maine. But do the opposite. Visit the state that is home of Stephen King and all those place names that are so firmly ensconced in the psyche of his readership. Unfortunately, as we want to enter Vermont by Wednesday, Pookaverse will not be visiting one of King’s three homes – the most famous being in Bangor.

So for all of you disappointed fans of the great man himself and his prolific talent, here is a picture of his house in Bangor to snuggle/fiddle with yourself to. Vermin.

Stephen’s Home from Home – Bangor, ME


7 Responses to “Stop Press! Route Change. Maine, USA”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    I’m enjoying your blog a lot, and feeling very envious of your travels. Andrew and I are off to the Lake District in a couple of weeks so at least I do have a holiday to look forward to. Have you tried any of these bonkers foods?

    • pookaverse Says:

      Thanks for the article Rebecca and very pleased that you are enjoying the blog. Fried Green Tomatoes and Corn Bread – now you’re talking. Where are you staying in the Lake District? Any walking planned? -r

      • Rebecca Says:

        Haven’t yet booked the Lakes. I haven’t been for years and A has never been so we need to do some research for best place to stay. We will walk and eat. Perfect holiday!

  2. pookaverse Says:

    šŸ™‚ You know it makes sense

  3. Thompson Says:

    Change your plans, follow your hearts but don’t miss out on the World’s biggest ball of string.

  4. pookaverse Says:

    It’s a lock on the Worlds Biggest Ball of String šŸ™‚

    • Thompson Says:

      Yay! Please post photos (unless going there becomes the World’s Biggest Albatross – then we’ll just Google it)

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