Note to the girls from the girl

Well I thought I ought to do a post on this ere blog so you can get my perspective on things and of course I have had to turf Rohan off the computer so that I can do it so I had better not be long! I have long dreamt of visiting Cape Cod and Marthas Vineyard and hadn’t actually heard of Nantucket until recently, shame on me!

Nantucket here we come!

Anyway as we have arrived in Cape Cod just at the end of the main season we had to make a choice between visiting Marthas Vineyard or Nantucket rather than being able to do both so we chose Nantucket and I am really glad that we did. We zipped across Nantucket Sound in one hour on the fast ferry and hired bikes to tour the island.

Tiny island but still need a map!

Our first bit of exercise in 6 days and boy did it feel like it! Best way to travel around the island though and we cycled about 18 miles in beautiful countryside – oohing and aahing at every turn at the beauty of the place.

Not quite Bradley Wiggins but hey ho!

Gorgeous clapboard sytle houses everywhere we looked, fabulous gardens, rosa rugosa all over the place for the gardeners amongst you.

Hurry up Fatty, almost lunchtime!

We had a meatloaf sandwich for lunch which was amazing, bit like a mixture of pate and corned beef between two slabs of bread, yum.

On the food front we have had all the local specialities including Clam Choweder and Lobster Rolls, both to die for. Just for contrast we have had egg butties for tea tonight – sandwiches for those not from scouse land, in our first motel of the trip.

Where am I – Formby Point Merseyside or Slasconset Beach, Nantucket?

Just a note about the seagull attack on Rohan – had he released his sandwich the birds would have left him alone and I haven’t quite worked out if he held on to the sandwich out of fear of littering the beach or fear of missing out on his lunch!


3 Responses to “Note to the girls from the girl”

  1. Thompson Says:

    Nantucket looks and sounds great Alison – it makes me want to go to the seaside (and eat an egg butty)

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Me too, me too. It sounds amazing. It reminds me of the road trip Thompson and I took when when first arrived in Canada. It was all so exciting (except for our travel music. Canadian radio stations play a lot of Canadian music. You can get a bit sick of Bryan Adams after a while). Keep up the blogging – those of us at desks who are supposed to be working are enjoying reading them!

  3. Rach Says:

    Thanks masses Sis for raising the tone of this blog finally. A breath of fresh air after all that bird bumming filth – i mean – honestly! Great photos too – I think that beach is probably the best depiction of heaven that I’ve ever seen – mind-blowingly beautiful and serene 🙂

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