The ‘Skydeck’, Willis Tower, Chicago, IN

Pookaverse had a second relatively full day today (Thursday, 20/09/2012)  paying off the parking fine at City Hall and keeping the proof of our naughtiness for later framing, visiting the Home fans gathering to watch the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field (Addison) playing Cincinnati Reds and losing 5-9,  before using the final couple of hours on our Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) 24-hour pass to travel to Oak Park. Firstly to see where Ernest Hemingway was born and raised in his house in this pristine chocolate-box area and secondly to see as many of Frank Lloyd Wright’s properties as possible within 45 minutes. Apologies, we tried to cram too much in.

And there was a nasty man on the ‘L’ train back from Oak Park who asked us for money and then accused us of not giving him any because he was black. “That’s sick Man”, he said. Flapped his gums behind us for a couple of minutes, then moved on to berate the gradually filling train of passengers for not handing over their money – including I might add – a large number of black people who made up the majority of the carriage at that time.  Playing the race card just made us more determined not to give him a cent.

Leaving Chicago into 4-lane rush-hour traffic at about 15.20 CET, what should have been a steady one and a half hour drive to Milwaukee, WA (crossing the 5th state border this week) turned into a nasty case of ‘Sat Nav Loop‘ and a 3 hr journey to the Marriot Courtyard Downtown Hotel with one of our handy travel vouchers harvested from the  rest area 30 miles out of Milwaukee. In a nutshell, address printed incorrectly, couldn’t get a fix, did one 10 mile orbit then said “bugger this for a game of soldiers”. Refueled Car. Decanted bodily fluids.  Bought inedible and filthy gum (Wrigley’s Extra Polar Ice) for the second bleeding time by accident. And so on and so on….anyway, in pictures not words, I give you (some) of our visit to Chicago:

Willis Tower, Chicago, IN – The ‘Skydeck’

Formerly named and still commonly referred to as Sears Tower  it is a 108-story, 1,451-foot (442 m) skyscraper in Chicago, Illinois.[2] At the time of its completion in 1973, it was the tallest building in the world, surpassing the World Trade Center towers in New York, and it held this rank for nearly 25 years. The Willis Tower is the tallest building in the United States and the seventh-tallest freestanding structure in the world. (Source: Wikipedia)

Floor 103 – the view to North Chicago

Floor 103 – View towards South Chicago and Gary, Indiana.

Floor 103 – North-East to Chicago O’Hare Airport

In January 2009, the Willis Tower owners began a major renovation of the Skydeck, to include the installation of retractable glass balconies, extending approximately four feet over Wacker Drive from the 103rd floor. The all-glass boxes allow visitors to look through the floor to the street 1,353 feet (412 m) below.  (Source: Wikipedia)

Hang on? This isn’t the way to the Gift Sh- AAArrggghhhh!!!!!

Hang on? This isn’t the way to the Gift Sh- Bleeeuuurrgggh!!!

How to suppress your basal ganglia at 1353 feet…

…and you too Sir. Just tell your brain that it jolly well shouldn’t ‘throw its cards in with the Nazis’..


4 Responses to “The ‘Skydeck’, Willis Tower, Chicago, IN”

  1. Martin Says:

    I knew it wouldn’t be long – Zombies and Nazis mentioned in the first week! God bless you sir! Thomo you owe 50 new pence!

  2. Martin Says:

    Ahhhh apparently it has to be Zombie Nazis to count. Come on Rohan, no pressure, we’re all counting on you!

  3. pookaverse Says:

    Oh boy, you two really think you have the numbers on me don’t you. You think you can shove 50p in my ass and your little old performing monkey will dance his little jig don’t you. Well I’m not the person anymore s- BIG-GIANT-ROBOT-NAZI-ZOMBIES-WAILING-“DAHMER”….Oh Bollocks!

  4. Rach Says:

    Hmm – I didn’t think Dahmer was far away from being mentioned either – you never disappoint Bro 🙂

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