Make your own $2 Souvenir – Willis Tower, Chicago IN

Pookaverse filed through the gift shop fondling various pieces of tat, titillating t-shirts and various ‘coffin ornaments’ to idly dust on Saturday Morning. Lincoln Hats, $9.99

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conce- ….What do you mean you’ve called Security?

Until we found a wonderful machine that for the small price of $2 will vacumn mold your own plastic copy of the Willis Tower in front of your very watering and fume-filled eyes.

The Perfect Gift that you make yourself. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you ‘Mold-Ah-Ramaaaaaa’

A quick coat of Silver Paint and their could be a decoration for Christmas 2013…or another tiresome obstruction in the kitchen drawer…

Never mind the quality , feel the width…Debbie love, hold it higher for the nice Ladies and Gentlemen…


One Response to “Make your own $2 Souvenir – Willis Tower, Chicago IN”

  1. Thompson Says:

    Brilliant I know what I want for Christmas now (if I can fit one in our flat). Did the Mold-A-Rama also have a “King-Kong” or “Godzilla” setting?

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