Milwaukee, WI to St Pauls, MN (The North Star State)

Today is the wedding anniversary  of two inhabitants of the Pookaverse – Rohan and Alison. So after returning for a quick burn on the 12th floor of the Saint Paul Hotel, Saint Paul, Minnesota  Pookaverse will have to make this quick. Yesterday, a rainy Milwaukee, WI and drove 337 miles to the twin cities of Minneapolis and St Pauls. Despite the extra distance, the last metropolis before Seattle was too good to miss.

As it was Alison and Rohan’s anniversary, we went slightly upmarket staying at this iconic hotel for the daily rate of $190 – about £110. he Penthouse suite will cost you $679 and we walked past the private lift to this residence on our way up to the gym this morning. About the closest Pookaverse will get to a Penthouse apartment.

Below us from our pleasing sixth floor room is the centre of St Pauls – a small triangular park and a host of high-end restaurants and boutiques. More importantly is the park – and our first American diner that we are due to visit in about 30 minutes time ( pictures of that converted railway carriage and reports on service to follow). But first the Park.

As unknown to Pookaverse,  St Paul was the home and childhood backyard of non other than Charles M. Shulz – creator of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy, Perppermint Patty (Rohan’s Favourite) and Stop calling me Sir! Marcie in his thoughtful creation – Peanuts. Bronze statues of his creations raised on the proceeds of four successive Peanut’s Summer Fairs. Pictures to follow. As well as that Diner. When you see the pictures, you’ll know what I mean. Go look this guy up (one of Rohan’s favourite artists) and the picture that he done. You’ll See. More later.

More important than the lateral abdominal thrusts in the gym was Pookaverse’s first sight of the Mississippi River from the 12 floor. Remember the joke. “What has four eyes, no legs and runs for over 2,500 miles?” Well it rises North of here and then meanders all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. We crossed it once last night in the gathering dusk and will cross it one final time on the third leg of this trip – San Francisco, CA to Atlanta, GA.

Pookaverse is electric, Pookaverse is energised – 342 miles to Sioux Falls, SD this afternoon after those pancakes and a cup of joe at that Diner. You’ll know why we did that when we show you the pictures. Pack your overnights, it’s the prairie next.

P.S. For that minority of degenerates amongst you, a picture of Rohan posing in Milwaukee as Geoffrey Dahmer to follow. Vermin.


6 Responses to “Milwaukee, WI to St Pauls, MN (The North Star State)”

  1. Terri and Andrew Says:

    Happy Anniversary to you both. We have had a quick catch up on your travels today – as got back off our hols last night – 1070 miles in 2 weeks, two camping sessions, stay at Exeter centre and caught up with some friends too, final night a fantastic B and B in Tintagel. A great break, calling at a number of NT places, Lost Gardens of Helagan and Eden Project being among the greats. Thinking of you lots, and trying to plot your course!!!! Have lots more fun.
    love. Terri and Andrew will send pics on e-mail when sorted.

  2. Rach Says:

    Happy 5TH Anniversary my lovelies!!!

  3. jose Says:

    A very happy anniversary, celebrate in style !

  4. Rach Says:

    By the way Bro – the main bar frequented by Jeffrey in his glory days was called Bar 219. Here’s the address just in case you need it – 219 S. 2nd St. He also liked “La Cage” ironically enough. You could also check out the Ambrisia Chocolate Factory – this isn’t a euphemism – it’s where he actually worked. It used to be located downtown on the I-94 20th and 30th Street.
    After Jeffrey Dahmer, Ambrosia packed their sh!t and left. This is true but entirely coincidental.

  5. Thompson Says:

    Belated Happy Anniversary! Sorry – we were away for a week and I am just catching up.

  6. pookaverse Says:

    Thanks Andy. Did you go to the Lake District? what did you get up to?

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