Its a Bur!

We have so much to tell you. So much is left on the hotel room floor when putting together today’s, yesterday’s or last weeks story. We are now a further 1 hour  behind you – Mountain Standard Time – having crossed a second time zone in as many days. Just a little further aways that’s all.

Pookaverse landed at the Americinn Rapid City, made up sandwiches on paper plates with ham, cheese, coleslaw and spinach (bought the Target Superstore on another mall) and washed the remains down with cans of ice-cold Pabst Blue Ribbon beer . The coffee is definitely improving as we burn West. Long since given up on a decent cup of tea in these parts.

Let’s hear it for the Bear…Alison gives hugs to the Cubs…Chicago, IN

Two cups of Joe (no donuts) with breakfast to amp you up for the day-long drives ahead and ice cold beer in the evening to dismount your shoulders from the back of your neck and get a good nights sleep. Its just the way we roll here.

Pookaverse crossed 377 miles today. Stops on the way that seem so remote you wonder , without the road, how anyone can live there? Make a life there? Countless flat golden brown acres of farmland. Hay swiss-rolled in countless numbers over countless fields. In between, the prairie and the sky. And the signs. Food. Gas. Sights. All shapes, all colours – any size you want. Promises made and broken on arrival.

“I wanna hear you squeal Boi”..Nature just goes and does another rape in Indianapolis, IN.

Yesterday we crossed Southern Minnesota on the I-90 on the way to the West and Sioux Falls. Today we crossed South Dakota continuing on this two-lane circuit cable. “Roadworks, next 11 miles”  With a backed up  rig behind you it seems more like 30. The sky blue, cloudless – the earth brown and the cattle – seemingly the only real inhabitants – sandwiched somewhere in between. Snuffing out a living. we saw one small herd of Buffalo or American Bison as they are known here. About 30 with calves. All penned up by the highway.

At one time, there were nearly 30 million. Can you imagine how the ground shook if only 1 million Buffalo decided that they wanted to be somewhere else? Hunted almost to extinction by white traders just for their pelts that left the plains a charnel house of rotting flesh.

How must those many tribes of Native Americans who moved (or were removed) West have looked upon this scene? For them, the Buffalo was a sacred animal hunted for thousands of years from Grandfather to Father – son to Great Grandson. What reckless waste. What wanton abandon.

That sign Wall Drug – “Free Ice Water”, spotted first just outside Blue Earth, MN and then seemingly every one of the generous 500 miles to the lowly town of Wall (Population 803) on the Northern Edge of the Badlands.  We know where it is as we visited the Badlands National Park  this afternoon.

Stopping at the sign to make sure that we took our picture in our ‘Maid of the Mist’ waterproofs (plastic bags) worn in Niagara Falls as one of the five boats swayed under the surge of the (Canadian) Horse Shoe falls.

It pleased Pookaverse to do so and seemed to amuse the other travellers approaching the main gate.

The ‘Blue Wonderfuls’ arrive at the Badlands National Park, South Dakota

We only saw a fraction, as always of this vast expanse of deadly nothing. ‘Beware Rattlesnakes” signs greeted us at every junction of this staggered and elevated and superbly maintained pathways.

We showed our pass, bought in Indiana Dunes about a thousand years ago, and entered freely. That phrase. You know the one. “Respect Nature. as Nature has absolutely no respect for you” came easily to mind. As did a dry mouth to Rohan and, later a cracked and bleeding tongue. Pookaverse hasn’t singularly or collectively done ‘dry’ before. Not to this extreme.

Only 16 inches of rain – per year fall amongst the unnatural ruins of this monstrous and fascinating place.  We have more pictures.

Images of Badlands National Park scenery have been censored due to their disturbing nature…

Tomorrow its Mount Rushmore and other local attractions as we stay overnight till Monday in Rapid City, SD.

Closer to Yellowstone. And those Burs. As well as the Wild Bison that cause traffic to tailback – according to the 35mm film photographer we met in that beautiful and terrible place this afternoon. On a walkway. He has not gone digital.

“Alisuuuuurrrrnnnnnn? Have you ever thought about a threesuuurrrrmmmm?” Wall Drug,  Wall, SD

Instead he buys up professional photographers cameras (two pristine boxes hung around his neck) who “went digital” at a fraction of the price that they went on sale for in 1998 .

He has a darkroom and an imagination to himself. He attributes the growing haziness we see around the marbled sun in the evening sky to many natural and man-made fires that burn in tinder dry woodlands near the Rockies. Yellowstone is also ‘overcast’ he suggested. We’ll let you know.

P.S. Keep those comments coming. Love having you here with us.

P.P.S. Here you go Vermin.

“Visit Milwaukee, Real S-s-s-s-soooooooonnnn”


2 Responses to “Its a Bur!”

  1. Rach Says:

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough already Jeffy Boy!

    Scared shitless right now 😉 xxxx

  2. trish lamping Says:

    hi again
    Don,t know what happened then I was in the middle of my email and it then just disappeared so I hope you have received it in case you haven,t I will just say carry on having a wonderful time and keep well.
    Missing you a lotl Everybody sends their love.


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