Settled in Seattle (till Monday Morning at least)

27 Days after driving away from Boston Logan Airport, the first leg of the trip is over. Here’s the proof. Taken this evening at the Space Needle – 17:20 PST or 01:20 GMT.

On board chronometer reads 5237 miles. Taking off the starting mileage at collection of 301 miles, first leg total is 4936 miles in 27 days.

Well toss my unfertilised ovums and scramble my leafy fronds…Pookaverse is in Seattle! (Note: Only the hooms are captured in light, Houyhnhnms cannot be observed directly as is there way)

States visited are as follows: Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire,Vermont, New York State, Pennyslavania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Washington State. Pookaverse makes that 16.

With regret for all those wonderful sights that lay unseen.

We are staying here at the Silver Cloud Inn on the top (7th) floor.

Travel: 03/10/2012 (rev) – Spokane, WA – Grand Couleee, WA – Waterville, WA.

Travel: 04/10/2012 – Stayed at the Waterville Hotel, WA for some R&R in the Small Suite.

Travel: 05/10/2012 – Waterville, WA – Leavenworth, WA – Seattle, WA


5 Responses to “Settled in Seattle (till Monday Morning at least)”

  1. jose Says:

    well done for completing first leg, think you deserve some R and R after all that mileage, looking very fit and healthy on photo, has it been airbrushed after all the breakies?

  2. Rach Says:

    Wow you got there bro!!! Space needle is amazing. The picture looks so perfect you could have paint shopped yourselves onto it 🙂 Not that I’m suggesting anything of the sort of course……Cmon, you’re hiding in a caravan at Rhyl really aren’t you?? xxxxx

  3. Rach Says:

    PS don’t forget to check out the Underground Tour! Love you both xxxxx

    • pookaverse Says:

      It’s just gone 09:51 here. Found the Underground Tour so only me will be going on it as Alison isn’t that interested. Will take some pics and post, love bruv xxx

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