Seattle, WA – I’m all stuck up

One of the main ‘underground’ attractions to visit in Seattle, WA is the infamous Gum Wall located near Pike Place Market. If Pookaverse had an olfactory add-on for this hosted blog, you would be receiving that sweet bubblegum miasma right up your tubes at this very moment.

Alas, you will have to contend with the image of a kaleidoscopic river of sputum pebble-dashing its way down a uncharacteristically dreary wall in Downtown Seattle.

The ineffable soul near touches the ineffable wall

With the knowledge that untold foul, open-sored,  hairy lobster-throated spit sacks had contributed to this felchingly colourful, pustulating and humming mosaic.

Less than 15 yards away from this site there was a man selling fresh piss.

His tariffs – strokes of the brush do not guarantee art from the bristles – written in shit.


2 Responses to “Seattle, WA – I’m all stuck up”

  1. Rach Says:

    That is completely vile!!!!! What is wrong with these people – YUK!!!

  2. Thompson Says:

    Good God! You don’t see that on Fraser.

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