Seattle, WA – Starbucks One

Seattle, WA – Sup the Mermaid’s Ichor

In mythology, or so the cult classic She Creature would have us believe, Mermaids were treacherous, acquisitive flesh-eaters known to lure the unworthy to their doom with their striking beauty and Siren’s call. Conversely.

In Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid they were purportedly tragic figures given to human frailties and a snub to the tenet that Love Conquers All.

A group of ragtime Mullahs call the faithful to prayer at Coffee Mecca…Starbucks HQ, 1912 Pike Place, Seattle, WA

In contemporary times the mermaid is the symbol of the now ubiquitous Starbucks brand from which the first store was opened in Seattle, WA on 2000 Western Avenue in 1971.
The second store, or the site where you will find most tourists including Pookaverse on a sunny and cloudless Saturday Morning is at 1912 Pike Place adjacent to Pike Place Market.

The washboard rat-a-tatted with the dexterity of a harp…and the player unsettlingly like Rohan’s friend Mike Barron from Birmingham. Mike? MIKE? MIIIIIIIKKKKKKEEEEEE?!!!!!

Outside there was ragtime with washboard entertaining the long queue (and a thirty-five minute wait) into the relatively small and innocuous store front. There are over 107  outlets in Seattle and 19,972 franchises world-wide.

So here it is. Like an interesting stone on the surface of Mercury. The source of the spice. The motherlode. Already in a neighbourhood near you. The reason that Whitbread launched Costa in the UK and opted to play ‘Buzz to Neil’.


2 Responses to “Seattle, WA – Starbucks One”

  1. Rach Says:

    I had a recurring dream in my 20’s where no matter what i was dreaming, Derek Guyler would pop up with his washboard making that dreadfull rat-tat-tatting noise – shivers – ewwwwwwwwwwww!

  2. jose Says:

    Lonnie Donnegan was better looking, loved to have heard the music playing, was it My Old Mans a Dustman by any chance ?

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