Travel Bulletin – 08/10/2012

A quick update on tomorrow’s travel.

After the moderate respite of Seattle, WA we will be travelling first to Seattle-Tacoma Airport to arrive at 11am PST to drop off our existing hire car. From 12am, and assuming the collection/exchange is successful we will be driving south on the I-5 to Astoria, Oregon (OR). This journey will incorporate a stop at Mount St Helens that famously erupted May 18, 1980, at 8:32 am PST.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the now merged Leg 2 and Leg 3.  It works out cheaper to hire a car once than twice – especially when presented with a $250 One-way fee plus tax.

In summary:

Seattle, WA to San Francisco, CA. Then across California to Nevada taking in Death Valley National Park and then via the wonderfully named Pahrump, NV to Las Vegas, NV. That will do to start. Pookaverse can’t think too far ahead at the moment.

The question for us all is “Why does the trip feel like it is over? We’ll let you know…


3 Responses to “Travel Bulletin – 08/10/2012”

  1. Terri and Andrew Says:

    Hi Ali and Rohan,
    we hope the car transfer went smoothly and good luck for the next leg of the trip. thanks for your recent updates and photos.
    Lots of Love, Terri and Andrew xx

  2. Anne Says:

    Sorry it has been a while – slight problems with BT over the old internet connection – they appear to have “improved my security” – so much that I can’t get connected anymore!!!! Where is the IT expert when you need one – oh I know – galavanting around the good old U S of A!!!!!! So – don’t tell anyone (especially the British tax payer) but I am doing this at work!!!

    Hope all is well.

    Will have to try again shortly – one of my lot needs to talk to me and I’d better not let them catch me doing this!!!

  3. Thompson Says:

    Death Valley and Mount Saint Helens – beloved of Geography teachers everywhere. You just need to take a diversion to Chesil Beach on the way home and you’ve got the set. Hope all is well.

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