Back East – Travel Update

The next few days travel were finalised over coffee and lemon scones this morning. As follows

Travel 18/10/2012:  San Francisco, CA – Groveland, CA (Last stop before Yosemite National Park)

Travel 19/10/2012:  Groveland, CA – Yosemite National Park, CA – Lone Pine, CA (Staying at the ‘John Wayne‘ Motel where he stopped when shooting his Westerns)

Travel 20/10/2012:  Lone Pine, CA – Death Valley National Park – Pahrump, NV

Travel 21/10/2012: Pahrump, NV to Las Vegas, NV for 3 nights including a visit to the nearby Hoover Dam – and hopefully the tour.

Another irresistible night in the friendly Castro district.

The highlight of tonight’s visit to The Castro was the sight of cinema goers piling out from the Castro Theatre after watching and participating in a singalong feature presentaion of the ‘The Little Mermaid’ . People of all ages, shapes, sizes bedecked with paper gold crowns – Kings and Queens – just completely in the moment. No pictures I’m afraid. But a memory to last a lifetime. We were taking in a slice of the best pizza that we have tasted on this side of the pond across the road at Marcellos. Served, or rather tag-teamed, by two venomous bull-dikes.

Market and 17th looking down towards the Castro Theatre, San Francisco, CA

Clearly I was the ‘Enemy’ and Alison had fallen to ‘the Enemy’.  We both approached the counter at different times and were treated exactly the same. I thought tolerance was part of the deal? Taking the higher ground. Not sinking to ‘their’ level.

Clearly for most of the gay men we met and spoke to while we were there it was. No problem. There are rednecks on both side of the fence tain’t thur? It’s just that after decades of violence, discrimination and intolerance – no one sexual orientation can decide where the middle ground is. Nor should it.

Never mind. It is going to take more than some grumpiness to wipe away that image. Of more than a hundred gold paper crowns lit by red neon. The sign read’s Castro faces browed heavily under the street-lights.

Here’s 5 change comin’ back atcha.


One Response to “Back East – Travel Update”

  1. Rach Says:

    Oh dear no wonder they’re grumpy- they probably just need to get back on Solids 🙂

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