Meet you at Yosemite Gates… (with apologies to Morrissey)

“It is what it is….Nothing needs to be done”

Going back East. Escaped from the hotel room in San Francisco into the frantic 5 lane, double-decker gangbang of the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge.  It looks picturesque from the top I’ll grant you. However, Eastbound traffic goes on the bottom deck. So its just you with a few hundred cars going in one direction while less than 25 feet above your head another few hundred cars go in the opposite direction – nearly 191 feet above the water below.

Sometime you just laugh to yourself in these moments – let the fear pass over you and through you until there is only you standing (or sitting) there. (Pookaverse is not worthy Muad’ Dib)

It’s official as seen from the balcony steps…Hur be Burs

Almost went to Oakland, but Brian Blessed corrected us. His presence banging on the Tom Tom has been a constant source of amusement on the trip. He will sometimes be quiet. Sometimes shouty.

It’s when he is quiet, then shouty that he can scare the living daylights out of you. Example; “Aaaf-ta 700!!!!!!! yards, take the exit”. Highly recommended. As is a Sat-Nav. Do not attempt to drive in and drive out of a major American city without one.

Alison sits on the Rim of the World…Stanislau National Park, CA

Tonight we are based here in Buck Meadows, CA at the gates of Yosemite National Park. And it has been a pleasant surprise. A chain motel with the intimacy of a log cabin in the woods. They even have Bear warning signs on the pathway next to the second floor stairs to room 207 where we are staying.

Almost blocked it out…Rohan by the Rim of the World, Stanislau National Park, CA

Apart from the Buffalo at Custer National Park, Elk at Yellowstone,  deer about 2 hours ago when we drove up to the gate of Yosemite National Park to do some research into tomorrow’s drive through to Lone Pine and of course squirrels, bats and chipmunks.

On the way back from the gate and less than 4 miles from where we are staying is the ‘Rim of the World’ – part of the Stanislau National Forest – that grants a quite spectacular view of the canyon below.

I’ll save you some time here…There will be no double-entendres in these captions so take that filthy, fly-blown mind of yours back to the spittle-clad grotto from where it first burbled…Insect.

There was a couple from Birmingham there but we didn’t talk to them.  Our loss.


4 Responses to “Meet you at Yosemite Gates… (with apologies to Morrissey)”

  1. Richard Winstock Says:

    Another fantastic update Mr K. Looks like I’ll be following you to the States for a few days touring the country for work purposes…a “grand” tour of Kansas, Atlanta, Cleveland, Arkansas, New York & Stamford….

    • pookaverse Says:

      That sounds wonderful Mr W. Any way to see stuff counts. If you like we could meet up in Atlanta and continue our killing sp-…
      I’ll just pop on to ‘our email account’ to ‘chat’. See you in a mo. And remember. No sneaky blood-soaked bops while I’m away…you know how jealous I get.

  2. Terri and Andrew Says:

    Hi Ali and Rohan,
    glad your having a great time and enjoying your adventures love the blue sky….we have grey sky but the leaves are changing colour!! Glad its the weekend, we both send lots of love, safe travels.
    Terri and Andrew xx

  3. pookaverse Says:

    You two have a great weekend too. And remember. No sneaky blood-soaked bops while I’m away…you know how jealous I get.

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