Small, Medium and Large

As a squall of existential angst settles like a pall, Pookaverse is in Las Vegas to stay at the Desert Rose, here is a an example of how cars work in these parts. You may have thought that the Kia Sportage hired by Pookaverse in Boston early September (and now the official tour car till Atlanta, GA) is a typical example of a gas-guzzling 4×4 ‘Cheslsea Tractor’.  Not so. There are bigger and better examples out there.

And the GMC Sierra on your right is NOT the biggest ‘car’ on the road…but it ain’t far off…

In a ‘photoshoot’ that took place in the car park of the Pahrump Nugget and Gambling Hall where we stayed last night (20/10/2012), matter arranged itself effortlessly. And deployed a Russian Doll in the process.

Pookaverse is not entirely sure if C=A+B so make your own minds up.  This modest Hotel and Casino where the Casino exceeds the size of the Hotel  by at least 3:1 may prove to be a valuable ‘proving ground for Las Vegas. All the components are in place – just on a smaller scale. Pookaverse  also became a member of the Casino.

Which granted access to the Casino Buffet and Vegetables. Yes. Green, juicy and orange vegetables – all you can eat.

It almost put the excellent Prime Rib into the shade. But not quite.

Beef as tender as you like. Price? $11.99  2 for 1 – £7.50 for two or £3.25 each.

After a lifetime of being only able to afford ‘ Buttercup’s Left Arse Cheek’ in England, eating beef of this quality is a revelation. Even for the lapsed hoom vegetarians amongst our party.

Everybody cross yourselves. It’s off to jolly old Vegas we go. Less than 67 miles from Pahrump. We”ll let you know what happens.


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