Redwood Kingdoms

After crossing the border into Nevada and arriving in Las Vegas,  Pookaverse looks back to earlier this month and Northern California’s majestic and unique inhabitants.

From Crescent City, CA to Fort Bragg, CA (11-13 October 2012), Pookaverse took the opportunity to visit several National and State Parks that preserve up to 49,000 acres of  California Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirensthat run adjacent to the Highway 101 corridor on the West Coast of Northern California.

Today’s password is “Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park”

There were over 2 million acres of Sequoioideae less than 150 years ago and the appearance of the first white explorers. Since then, the majority of these magnificent trees have fallen to uncontrolled private and commercial logging interests.

The Gates to the Kingdom of the Redwoods…Jebediah Smith Redwoods State Park, CA

In 1918, the Save-the-Redwoods league was founded firstly recruiting wealthy and powerful benefactors to donate money to purchase areas containing the remaining redwood groves and later applying political pressure  to ensure that over 189,000 aces are now protected either privately or in some cases donated to the National and State Park systems.

A friendly, yet violent, wood sprite gives her regards before disappearing amongst the groves

Two such preserves were visited: Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park and the Humboldt Redwoods State Park which incorporates the ‘Avenue of the Giants’. These are by no means the only way to see the Giant Redwoods.

The Houyhnhnms amongst the Pookaverse party suggest that a new religion be founded. No hymns. No preachers. No guilt. No angry and wrathful Gods. Your Sermon? Just the sound of the trees as the breeze moves through them.

There are public and privately-owned groves of Giant Redwoods all along Route 101. However, it is about access  deep within the trees themselves and on this basis the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park just outside Crescent City, CA was by far the most diverse  experience.

You may disagree.  Let us know your experience. We’ll let the pictures in the rest of this blog speak to you.

Deep in the Redwood groves only silence…Jebediah Smith Redwoods State Park, CA

Neither of these preserves incorporate the ‘drive-thru-the-tree’ scenario which when Pookaverse saw California Redwoods in their natural environment seemed vulgar and tacky.

Another grove, another giant..the sense of awe seldom diminishes…Humboldt Redwoods State Park, CA

Alison finds the ‘The Big Tree’ is just off the ‘Avenue of the Giants’ in the Humboldt Redwoods State Park, CA

So no money for you termites. Y’all going to hell. Where the Great Clicking Worm of Hell will draw out your viscera for banjo strings while assorted demons lay siege to your jacksi with a freight train sized ,and flaming broken wizards cock.

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New pictures have been added to the Dailies page. Why not check them out when you have a moment?


One Response to “Redwood Kingdoms”

  1. Terri and Andrew Says:

    Wow what big trees you have seen!! The colours are amazing. Thanks for your updates, safe travels….keep smiling!
    Lots of Love, Terri and Andrew

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