One Nation under many Gods

Travel 21/10/2012: Pahrump, NV – Las Vegas, NV (3 -Day Stop)
Travel 24/10/2012: Las Vegas, NV – Kingman, AZ – Flagstaff, AZ
Travel 25/10/2012: Flagstaff, AZ – Grand Canyon National Park, AZ – Kayenta, AZ
Travel 26/10/2012: Kayenta, AZ – Monument Valley – Gallup, NM (Tomorrow)
Travel 27/10/2012: Gallup,NM – Alberqueque, NM

Pookaverse wishes you Ya’at’eeh from Kayenta deep within the Navajo Indian Nation. Here is a link to the Navajo creation story. Interesting isn’t it? I think I will call my next pet ‘Big Angry’. Or ‘Carmichael’ if it is a Lizard. In a vivarium.

Getting here was a 3-hour drive from Grand Canyon National Park leaving at about 16.30 in the afternoon (Arizona Time) and arriving here at 21:00 (Utah Time). Utah Time is kept In Northern Arizona. Why? We don’t know. We are now only 7 hours behind you. Feel our footsteps close behind you. Tonight it’s a stay here in the Hampton Inn complete with Navajo Flute Music piped in.

With negligible broadband in Las Vegas, Pookaverse is a little behind. So above is the itinerary ‘that was’ mixed with the itinerary ‘to be’.  And there are some posts coming with some pictures. Dying to show you the ‘inside story’ of the Hoover Dam tour for all the boys out there.

Vegas is coming… for those possessed of a ‘mixed agenda’…

Bursting to show you the view from the South rim of the Grand Canyon National Park where we walked over 5 miles today for all the girls.

And maybe a little bit on Vegas too for the bi-curious among you.

For now, let’s focus on tomorrow and the natural oxymoron of that suggestion. Pookaverse will be visiting Monument Valley.

A sacred place to some of the Navajo people. But to most Non-Native Americans, it formed the spectacular backdrop to a whole hundred number of Westerns including those of the prestigious John Ford .

Stagecoach and The Searchers were both shot in Monument Valley and both starred John Wayne at the beginning and mid-life of his career. There are sure to be an impressive line-up of aggressive selling techniques on display for all the various tours.  The scales must come back to balance – even if it takes a thousand centuries.

We’ll let you know what happens…


2 Responses to “One Nation under many Gods”

  1. Anne Says:

    Pictures still looking fantastic – seems that nature is throwing everything at you (beauty / heat etc) to get life in perspective. Great to see that the trees worked wonders (good to see the arms out stretched – “wheeeeee the world is amazing” pose – always a good sign). Sounds like you are meeting loads of interesting people as well.

    Life here has got a bit busier for me work wise (what with Jimmy Saville and all – a few more reports coming in that need dealing with). Squash has been a bit slow – Trish has been busy with other things and so there hasn’t been as much training. Still – we held our Strictly Come Dancing Girls night out – went to the Prince of India for a really nice Indian followed by coffee & chocolates back home watching the dancing. Hilary gave us her expert comments – she is still doing ballroom / tango lessons – eagerly waiting to hear about when you get to Cuba for an update of the dancing lessons!

    Weather here has gone cold & grey – that lovely damp, chill you to the bone nothing weather that we are so good at – and I am sure the reason why the British went out across the world in droves – no point staying in England with weather like that – might as well go and see what the rest of the world is like. So it is official – you made a good decision to go at this time of year – start feeling smug about it!!

    Keep safe and keep flying the flag!

    • pookaverse Says:

      “what with Jimmy Saville and all”….Ha-ha…Love it. Unless I have missed my guess, I think there will be a few more rocks to be overturned yet. A few more albino centipedes for the vivarium.

      Always wait for your updates. It is a blissful, azure-blue sanity check. Though the ‘extended English Summer’ doesn’t sound too clever. Arrived in Albuqueque where it is now 12:38. Azure blue skys and terracotta walls and temperatures around 24oC. Yesterday, hot and sunny. Today, hot and sunny. Tomorrow, hot and sunny.

      You know, you might have something there…

      Wrap up warm Inspector…if it wasn’t for people like you holding the line where would we all be?

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