Hot dog, jumping frog…

Al-bur-querque.  Who sang that?

Hallo from this little section of  the ‘Mother Road’ as Steinbeck first referred to it. Route 66. Eastbound to Oklahoma City, OK. Okay?

Just arrived in the largest city of New Mexico (“The Land of Enchantment”) after a two-hour drive from Gallup, New Mexico. After visiting Monument Valley yesterday and contending with a ‘dial-up’ speed ‘broadband’ connection at the last hotel Pookaverse stayed at and again the blog falls behind due to circumstances beyond our control.

Just pull up to the stall, take off the saddle, throw over the blanket and put on the feedbag…Whoah boy!!…Giant Carwash, Albuquerque, NM

So here is a strategy for the next few blog entries. More pictures, less words. How d’ya like dem apples?

Else we will be telling you about the places we have been and the sights we have seen over a week ago.  We were in Death Valley, CA this time last week – incidentally the last post which we were pretty much up to date. Then Vegas happened. Which is another blog entry in itself.

You see where this is going? The more Pookaverse dawdles, the less time there is. We are also learning to manage our expectations.

To take pleasure in the ordinary and commonplace. The routine activities that we left behind nearly 8 weeks ago in a life a thousand years ago. Washing, Ironing, food-shopping, cleaning are all, believe it or not, desirable and sought after activities on the road. As important as a cheap, homely hotel room which the Best Western Executive Suites Albuquerque seems to have. We just checked in, we make that statement tentatively.

The ordinary is important. The ordinary is necessary. It resets your expectations and the ability to appreciate the extraordinary. Which you need. Because when you are confronted by sights of such extraordinary power. Beautiful and terrifying sights day-by-day, hour-by-hour, minute by minute in some cases you can appreciate them as just that. Extraordinary.

..all that bum dung from San Francisco….all those dead flies…all that heated salt air from Death Valley… red siltstone dust from Monument Valley…all gone….all clean…(sigh)…nice and clean…(sigh)…clean….clean…. the sophomoric ballad of the self-carwash, Albuquerque, NM

So here are some pictures taken a couple of hours ago. On a Saturday Morning washing the car. Only on this Saturday morning’s of all morning’s it took place at a cleaning corral for cars in Albuquerque, NM. Complete with stalls, brushes and super-powered hoses where a blacksmith may once have stood. Instead.

Just the humble pleasure of cleaning the car inside and out – the last time was just outside Spokane, WA going West to Seattle – calmed the spirit and squeegee’d the soul.

How about that for an image for tomorrow’s Sunday Lunch?

Take Care off yourselves. Stay Warm (We have seen the weather reports)  Keep those comments coming. They keep us going…Really do.


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