Is the day after Tuesday 06 November – voting day in America.

Pookaverse is watching the pounding, churning media froth of the 2012 Presidential Election. One thing. The bias. There is a lot of it. Divided between networks. So much so that it is quite easy to determine what the political affiliation of the mogul who owns the network is. And then they circle one another. Hurling accusations of inaccuracy across the electronic miasma in their collective and numerous polls.

This bridge is featured in the shot where Rick crosses the railyard into Atlanta in Episode 1 “Days Gone Bye”…the scene is here (Foster Street)

ABC (Democrat) publishes the job figures that illustrated a bump in October in the incumbent President’s favour. Next up Fox News (Republican)  takes exactly the same figures and spins a different story. Pookaverse does not know where CNN or NBC stands on the subject. With the puppet on the left or the puppet on the right?

A more detailed view of the bridge. Note the roof on top of that building. It is the roof where Rick handcuffs Merle Dixon. All the rooftop sequences of Season 1 were filmed in that location.

And the subject is Ohio. Ohio. OHIO. OHIO. That is the state of Ohio. The demographic that is most representative of America. The ‘Democratic Firewall’. 14 pundits on an ABC panel (in New York) as long as a canteen counter are zapped awake from their torpor to deliver 90 seconds of compressed speculation.

The bridge from a reverse angle…

Where a ‘Red State’  (Republican) has been a ‘Red State’ since 1964 – i.e. most of the 14 Southern and former Confederate States (including Florida) they call Republican. Great Analysis there.

And where a ‘Blue State’  (Democrat) has been a ‘Blue State’ since the late 1860’s following Lincoln’s assassination in 1865, they are calling Democrat. and then there are the ‘swing states’. Michigan, Iowa, OHIO, Clorado, Virginia and others.

This is where Rick rides into Downtown Atlanta across the intersection of Forsyth St. NW and Marietta St. NW. An image of this location can be found here

Themselves subject to demographic change and gentrification as the financially battered middle class moves out to more rural and remote parts of the country. It is where most of the campaign money is spent. Between the candidates and their parties over $1.6 billion.

Pookaverse watches from the sidelines.  For a little while before beddy-bo’s.

Turn around with your back to Marietta Street intersection, this derelict building forms the backdrop to Rick’s entry to the intersection. The image can be found here.

Tomorrow we fly Delta Airlines from Atlanta, GA to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. And then the rest of the day in Fort Lauderdale. And the rest of this post is all filming locations shot today in and around one square mile of Downtown Atlanta for ‘The Walking Dead’  Season 1.

It is by no means all of them. They are many and dispersed.  The location of the famous scene of Rick riding down the deserted intersection into the City of Atlanta for the first time. It is inaccessible on foot. It is also a heavily rendered CGI shot that includes a railway line that does not exist.

Finally. The scene where Rick encounters one of the Zombie hordes of Atlanta was shot down this alleyway at the intersection of Walton St NW and Fairlie St NW in downtown Atlanta, one block from where the tank was located.

Places around Foster St and Spring St that you would not like to be at night. Links have been placed to another website for comparison. Just trying to stay the right side of American copyright legislation.

It was during the day. A very wet day where waterproofs were required. Its been a rare occurrence. Hopefully rarer. As we enter the frou-frou, death-rattle smorgasboard of Bournemouth Florida.

We all wake up to a new US President tomorrow. Sweet Dreams from Pookaverse and America.


3 Responses to “Wednesday”

  1. Thompson Says:

    I’m calling it for Obama! (said a programmer in Milton Keynes yesterday).

    They’ve still not announced Ohio or Florida so I will probably look like an arse tomorrow. The BBC coverage is excellent btw.

    Have a safe flight tomorrow.

  2. pookaverse Says:

    I will take the word of a shrewd programmer from Milton Keynes over the 131 or so talking heads. You called it correctly Sir. You may be interviewed by the networks in 2016. Or they might pickle you or put you on trial for espionage. Your choice. .

    Hurray! No fundamentalist christian (Mormon – look up the basis of that religion – phew!!! Jesus is going to pissed when he comes back with his team of lawyers) with a corporate lobbyist hand up his ass and his finger on the trigger of the American nuclear arsenal . God Bless you Obama. God Bless YOU Andy Thompson

  3. Thompson Says:

    Will definitely look like an arse this time but I am going for George P Bush in 2016 over Hillary.

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