Miami Voice

Travel Info 07/11/2012:  Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport – Fort Lauderdale

Travel Info 08/11/2012: Fort Lauderdale – Marathon (Florida Keys) via Miami, Homestead, Florida City and Key Largo to stay at the Royal Hawaiian Motel

Travel Info 09/11/2012: Marathon (Florida Keys) – Key West –  Marathon (Florida Keys)

Travel Info 10/11/2012: Marathon (Florida Keys) –  The Everglades National Park – Florida City (Best Western)

Hello and Welcome to Florida City, Florida. The Florida Keys are behind us. The Everglades National Park is to the right and all that is left is 22 days in America. Time goes quickly don’t it?

Alison with the spoils…It’s Royal Blue…you can’t tell in this shot as it’s taken into driving sunshine…we are very bad people…

Unusually cool is how the weather is described by the Weather Channel – 240C and 75% humidity – slightly cooler on the Keys yesterday. Pookaverse disagrees. What with Alison waylaid by a nasty ‘summer’ cold and a croup like cough, maybe ‘Navajo cough’ is finally catching up with Pookaverse. Why Navajo cough? Well, when Pookaverse stayed in Kayenta, AZ in preparation for the visit to Monument Valley, all the Navajo staff at the hotel all had a retching, rasping cough. It’s the road. And other stuff mixed in.

A worsening Alison stands at the viewable part of the Biscayne National Park, Florida City…It’s all underwater and can be viewed by Kayak, snorkel or and ADS with two blokes turning the ‘wheezer’ up top while you ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’ (thought you got me there) around below…

Well.  Do we have some things to talk about? And to show you too. It’s not going to be done in a single blog entry. A little bit at a time. Until we’re done. More pictures, less chat.

Let’s start of with car collection at Fort Lauderdale. Flight from a cloudy and overcast Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Delta Airlines was (mercifully) uneventful. Passengers, mostly American, embarked and disembarked from the ‘front door’ – politely taking it in turns as the rows empties forward. Never seen that one on Easyjet – or BA for that matter.

The view from the back patio window of the Royal Hawaiian, Marathon, Florida. Note that Sea Grass. It gives off Hydrogen Sulphide only when immersed so an uncleared inlet like this smells like a submerged U-Boat following the first Sunday Lunch after putting to sea…

Then came the car collection. Unusual that on this occasion the National Team at Fort Lauderdale were stringent in terms of the type of car they would let you drive away in. Our choice. A silver Nissan Altima. A white Nissan Altima. A black Nissan Altima. Pookaverse double-checked. No compact SUV for Pookaverse without an additional $75 cash.

We’ve paid enough to National. Enough was enough. So we waited. Cars pulled up, service people got out, new rental customers got in and then they drove off. We waited. Each time the line of cars changed we went back to the receptionist and asked. “so which ones can we choose from?”. Rinse. Add Conditioner. Rinse. Repeat. For thirty minutes.

Eventually, an SUV pulled up. A Ford Escape with 9k on the clock. Alison did her thing to the now very bored receptionist who ‘waived’ us on and 10 minutes later we were gingerly drove off site, past the ‘guards’ on the gate – expecting recall. And then out. And then free. To drive the final 5 miles to this hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Palms, pinks, evening sunshine and a very busy 3-lane highway.

Alison in charge with the Keys.

Pookaverse in Florida.  When do we get the Kennedy Space Centre?


3 Responses to “Miami Voice”

  1. Richard Winstock Says:

    Hey! I came through Hartsfield-Jackson about an hour ago…catching you up! 🙂

  2. Thompson Says:

    Small world! Hello Richard

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