Travel Update 13/11/2012

Hallo from the Marriott Residence Inn on Amelia Island, Florida. The Hotels don’t like ’em. But they issued ’em. So tonight’s stay with the coupon is $95 including tax – £59.86 or less than £30 each!! It is almost apartment-sized. Even a dimmer switch. N0w that’s swish isn’t it?

Just a quick update. Pookaverse has fallen to the lurgy or ‘Navajo Cough’ as it has been technically identified. So a very rough couple of days for Alison and just at the beginning of a very rough couple of days for Rohan. “Poor hooms. So Fragile” chide the Houyhnhnms. So let’s just put you where we are with a trip summary to date.

Yes, that’s the actual gantry that the Apollo 11 crew walked down towards the white room and then the moon…and there’s plenty more where that came from…Wish Alison Happy Birthday if you have a moment…:)

Travel Info 11/11/2012:  (Veteran’s Day)  Homestead, Fl – Coopertown, FL (Blast through the Everglades on an Airboat) – Everglades National Park (HM-69 Nike Missile Site) – Cocoa Beach  (239-mile drive)

Travel Info 12/11/2012:  Cocoa Beach, FL – Kennedy Space Centre, FL – Cocoa Beach, FL

Travel Info 13/11/2012:  Cocoa Beach, FL – St Augustine, FL – Amelia Island, FL

Travel Info 14/11/2012:  Amelia Island, FL – Savannah, GA

It’s Alison’s birthday tomorrow – 14/11/2012. She needs a boost at the moment. If you have a couple of minutes, why not wish her a Happy Birthday. It would mean a lot.


8 Responses to “Travel Update 13/11/2012”

  1. Thompson Says:

    Happy Birthday Alison – hope you both get well soon!

  2. Andrew Says:

    Same from me Happy Big Birthday XX

  3. jose Says:

    a very happy birthday to the best daughter-in-law in the world, love you Ali xxx Keep coughing son, I’ve resorted to Horseradish sauce
    to sort my sinuses out ! xxx keep safe both of you xxx

  4. Brian Says:

    Felicitations Ginger Bonce hope you feel better soonly.
    By the end of today I should either have a job or be £30k better off. so thats good too. Keep buggering on. Bestest birthday wishes from the family Chippendale. xx

  5. Richard Winstock Says:

    Happy B’day from an unexpected New York! 🙂

  6. Terri and Andrew Says:

    Happy Birthday Ali, we have sent you birthday greetings on your e-mail address yesterday so it would arrive in time!! Hope you are feeling better soon and take care of the coughs, take it easy and keep safe. Lots of Love Terri and Andrew xx Ps Get well soon Rohan too!

  7. Gilly Norris Says:

    Happy birthday Alison, hope the cough’s improving and you’ve had a good day. Gilly x

  8. pookaverse Says:

    Thanks Peeps for all your birthday wishes, much appreciated. We have had a birthday toast with our cough medicine bottles and will delay birthday celebrations until feeling better. Whatever the virus is it has taken a firm hold and is refusing to be shaken but Pookaverse will not give in, no way. My birthday treat was going to be seeing Skyfall but I need to make sure I am in good oggling condition before I go so will delay this treat ufn. x

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