Savannah is like a box of chocolates…

Travel Info 15/11/2012:  Savannah, GA

Hallo from Charleston, South Carolina and the Sleep Inn. The last Sleep Inn Pookaverse stayed at was in Memphis, TN where there were friendly people and indifferent wi-fi. On this occasion we appear to have indifferent people and friendly wi-fi. Ah, the laws of the universe. Everything must be brought to balance. The visit to the Kennedy Space Centre blog is in progress.

The gloom of the moss-strung oaks is not helped by the white cloudy backdrop…

A lot of fact checking is taking place. Real fact-checking. Sorry to disappoint you ‘the -moon-landing-never-took-place’ conspiracy theorists out there. You are not going to like it. But then you are wrong on this one anyway. Sorry. It’s true. You’re wrong. Deep breath. You got it wrong.  Say it. “I got it wrong”. Deal with it, move on and enjoy your day.

Its not the blanket dismissal of all conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists. Not that. That is the standard response by non-conspiracy theorists or governments. An automatic gain-saying in an attempt to  stifle debate. After all we are all conspiracy theorists to some extent. Even Pookaverse. Holding out against certain accounts of real or fictional events that we think or feel did or did not occur.

The assassination of John F Kennedy. The Roswell crash and the UFO cover-up. The Philadelphia Experiment. Paul (McCartney) is Dead. The Illuminati. The industrial-military complex. The state-sponsored murder of Princess Diana.  And our society run by giant green lizards in places of inscrutable power.  To mention a handful. Pookaverse is more than happy to engage you in debate.

But on the ‘the -moon-landing-never-took-place’. Sorry. It’s true. A 400,000 strong team of scientists, technicians, ex-military pilots and sub-contractors did something incredible – with 5.9 billion dollars. And you can be part  of that legacy. By honouring that supreme technological achievement. Else.

You’re wrong. Deep breath. Say to yourself  “I got it wrong. They all went to the Moon”  Deal with it, move on and enjoy your day.  Let’s get that out of the way know. Before the KSC blog is published.

After a difficult week of illness, Alison is again showing signs of life. Rohan rumbles on. The Houyhnhnms are neither friendly nor indifferent to this situation.  Though they appreciated the quality of the hoom sentiment in all the messages you sent to Alison when she was feeling poorly. Rohan thanks you personally. I told you that it would mean a lot. And it does.

Yesterday, Pookaverse spent a very cold and cloudy day exploring Savannah, GA. A proud recipient of the term ‘Southern Gothic’. In terms of its architecture, ghost hunting and clubbing. Which one of those activities do you think Pookaverse felt up to yesterday? One note. With all the white cloud and subsequent poor lighting and contrast options, the hoom photographs are not up to their usual standard.

And the first challenge to Pookaverse in Savannah? Read the book. You see, often you read a book and visit a place because there is something about the setting, the characters or the evocative descriptions of the landscape or cityscape that draws you both intellectually and emotionally to the place. Another character in the story. In this case, Pookaverse visited Savannah but had not read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt.

Pookaverse hasn’t read it. But Pookaverse will read it now after visiting Savannah. To recall those shadowed places. Have you read it? Why don’t you consider reading it and let Pookaverse know what you think?

It is set in Savannah. It is allegedly characteristic of Savannah It is a big thing in Savannah. This book. Advertised frequently. Displayed often. Even mentioned on one of the menus of one of the wonderfully cosy cafes Pookaverse visited located in Downtown that incorporates both the (Landmark Historic District and Victorian District.  Just one of the many street streets lined with diverse and interesting architecture typically connected to one of the cities 22 squares.

Savannah’s many squares. All of different sizes. Populated by pre or post-civil war statues. Large, mature looming oaks strung with spanish moss. And on the Thursday that Pookaverse visited it – gloomy and atmospheric. Rather than sultry and steamy. As is it’s typical candor. According to the travel books. Apparently

Just in front of that wall sat Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) on his fibre-glass bench prop. Another continuity error discovered by Pookaverse is that it is one-way street travelling left to right…the bus in the filmed sequences travels right-to-left…

Amongst these interesting and varied places that Pookaverse visited was Chippewa Square. This is where the fibreglass bench prop and bus stop was located as Tom Hanks playing the character of Forrest Gump sat and regaled passers by with his life story and his philosophy “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”.

Interestingly very little of ‘Forrest Gump’ (1995)  was shot in Alabama. As Pookaverse travels North more film locations in South and North Carolina will be visited and we’ll see if we can find some more for the 50% of readers who loved the film and  rile the 50% of readers that hated this divisive mock-biopic.

Of all the American cities that Pookaverse has visited to date, Savannah has offered the most interesting and rewarding experience. There is nothing quite like it. Though we have missed many opportunities in this sprint through the states, this journey would have undoubtedly been poorer without visiting Savannah.

Consider it a ‘must see’. Forget Florida and the Beach and it’s fruity little nonsense. Hire a car in Atlanta. Spend a week in Savannah. Because that’s what you may need in order to unearth all the fascinating sides to this city that beckoned in our direction as we made our way back to the hotel for a snuffle and canteen coffee.

Again, only a glimpse for Pookaverse. Always a glimpse.

We’ll tell you now. The route changes daily. There’s a few factors that are affecting out thinking and the planning of the fourth and final leg of the American Road Trip.

In close-up’s of Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) when he turns to talk to his bench companion, this cinema can be seen behind his head in the background…out-of-focus, but it’s there…

Originally Pookaverse intended visiting New Jersey including Atlantic City. The Jersey Shore including Highlands based in Monmouth County best know as the childhood haunts of film director Kevin Smith, Walt Flanagan and Brian Johnson – the latter two making up two of the three hosts of Rohan’s weekly podcast Tell ’em Steve-Dave. Leonardo, NJ which is the location of the convenience store where  Kevin Smith’s filmed his directorial debut Clerks. Launching his Career as well as establishing his oeuvre bound to New Jersey.

But the disaster that has up until recently dominated the headlines has caused such significant damage to life, limb and infrastructure that Pookaverse is not entirely sure that this part of the world that we so looked forward to visiting can be visited this time. So we are slowly applying the brakes. With only 798 miles to Newark Liberty International Airport and 16 days, Pookaverse is performing a few more orbits before rentry.

To give you a direction, we are planning to travel North along the coasts of South and North Carolina for the next 5 days – or less. A visit to the site of the ‘lost colony’ of Roanoake is planned. Skirting the Eastern edge of the Appalachian Mountains may be possible thought the gathering snowfall says “No”. A 3-day stop in Washington DC followed by a 2-day stop in Philadelphia is also on the cards.

On the cards is a reasonable analogy. See what’s dealt our way and play the best hand. But in keeping with earlier themes and as a shout-out to old, bold and the spooky-beautiful Savannah:

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”

As always, we’ll let you know what happens…


4 Responses to “Savannah is like a box of chocolates…”

  1. Thompson Says:

    Paul McCartney is dead? That’s one I haven’t heard before. Glad Alison is feeling better. Savannah looks incredible.

    • pookaverse Says:

      I Hadn’t heard of that one until recently too Andy. Check the wiki article on the subject. The ‘message’ is on the cover of the ‘Abbey Road’ album based on the clothing worn, or not worn and ‘Paul’ being out of step with the other three Beatles on the zebra crossing.
      I have to say that I believe this one. I mean only a deranged dybbuk would marry Heather Mills. Surely? – rohan

  2. Martin Says:

    Hi pookaverse, glad you’re feeling (collectively) better. Re Heather Mills – I guess you’re talking about future para-olympian Heather Mills who is training at, among other places, Milton Keynes snowdome – six degrees of separation to the corpse of Paul McCartney, who’d have thought it!
    Apologies for being silent for a while, I’m loving the blog though and your insane ramblings.
    Thanks for the gift, I did as you said and wore one 😉 of them last night.

  3. jose Says:

    Savannah sounds and from the photos a very very interesting place to explore with its 22 squares and diverse architecture my kind of town..

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