Bodies at Rest…

Hallo from Southport, North Carolina. At the Hampton Inn with a decent room. A world and an ocean away from Southport, Merseyside. It’s raining here as the weather starts to wear its November cloak . Pookaverse is taking a day out to sort out trip plans and rest from the clinging lurgy – a  moderate-sized cold which delivers a nasty ‘shave and a hair-cut’ to the chest. And just likes to hang around.

So unlike the Sleep Inn, Charleston. Pookaverse spotted a cockroach as big as a book of matches on the ceiling shortly after arrival. It was crushed in a paper cup by Rohan and un cerimoniously flung out out of the second-storey window. Alison managed to haggle-down the room cost from $79 exc. tax to $69 exc. tax. That is one useful cockroach.  Note: its sawblade leg twitched shortly before it was jettisoned – juts in case anyone of you wants and image to circle round.

The encore was a breakfast in an tiny and disorganised breakfast room sat next to a man-and-wife team of evangelical Christians. They held hands for grace – which was touching.


Then. Following gentle prayer for simple blessings and blaring news reports of escalating tensions (again) between Israel and Gaza on the left. A fractious hoovering on the right. The male began spouting a tirade of ‘fire and brimstone’ about the coming apocalypse, hissing and berating his wife for not believing him.

The percussion section of this ‘death of a thousand cuts’ was the shriek-like chair adjustments by the hostess to ensure that each sitting area looked pristine as it remained unattended. Its at times like this, when cacophony finds you, that a steady zen-like hum from way down deep within your body soothes the soul. Until the din abates and the madness recedes. Until then. Until the next movement.

Enough of that anyway. There are more interesting things to talk about. So the following series of short posts hopefully bring you up to date with some of the miles travelled and the places visited that have remained unmentioned.

Leg 2 Roundup – Seattle, WA to Atlanta, GA: Total Miles: 4295. Total States:  14 – Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia. Total Journey Miles Leg 1 and Leg 2:  9548. Total Number of States Visited: 29


2 Responses to “Bodies at Rest…”

  1. jose Says:

    Loved the photo, what does the little note say on the headboard? Breakfast sounded interesting no mention of what was on the menu,guess your colds have dulled your appetites, keep safe x

  2. Terri and Andrew Says:

    Have a good rest, glad you are having a break from traveling and giving yourselves a bit of time. With all our love. Keep safe. Andrew and Terri

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