Looking back to Route 66 – Pops,OK

Before leaving Okla City to travel ESE to Little Rock Arkansas two things happened. The first thing that (didn’t) happen was that the following blog was not published due to its disturbing nature:

Hallo from Pookaverse and Hallo from Little RockArkansas or ‘Ar-ken-saw’ from the desk of Pookaverse. In a hotel overlooking I-30 and less than 10 minutes away from Downtown and the William J. Clinton Presidential Park and Centre.  This is Bill’s hometown.

It has been a driving day – a full 5 hours of it covering 341 miles from Okla City to Little Rock through a steadily greening and agrigarious  landscape as Pookaverse leaves the deserts of New Mexico and Texas behind in the push back East. Alison is down in the Business Centre researching Miami, Florida.

That’s it Lennie….show them what you can do…give them some rim…

It’s Rohan’s turn to wash today. The washing is in the drying machine and involves a periodic check and a saunter from 302 down to the laundry room opposite 206 below.  Don’t want those synthetics shrinking – those fast dry T-shirts from Craghoppers. Else tomorrow we will be travelling in puppet’s clothes. How’s that for an image.

Alison comes to pray to false idols…at POPS…in the middle of nowhere on Route 66 NE of Okla City…

It is an emotional time at the moment. Laundry. For we are soon to be parted from Lennie. To the casual observer he is a 2.21 litre bottle of Washing Liquid produced by Arm and Hammer – a branded product from Church and Dwight Company Inc. He’s not. Pookaverse bought Lennie when we left Cape Cod, Masssachusetts to travel to Portland, Maine all the way back on the 11th September.

The entrance to the temple…instruments of loveliness are clearly visible through the vestibule wall…

Lennie has been with us ever since. Happily decanting good smells into lightly soiled pants, Trousers,  T-shirts,  Socks and lets not forget bloodstained bed-linen (said through a surly grimace) without a word of protest.

Alison takes communion…with a frothing ‘Barack O’Berry’…

He has sat in the back-right passenger seat footwell for nearly two months now. Next to Brandi. The Fabric Conditioner. Lenny married Brandi in Cape Cod. They eloped together. They were always together. Until Brandi ran off with a Flip-top bin in Seattle who did not introduce herself to Pookaverse.

“Facka-backup-slurpit”, screamed Lennie on that fateful night when learning of his betrayal – entirely our of character from his usual humble and stoic demeanor.

Rohan chooses the drink of all collectivising mass-murderers everywhere…’Leninade’

But given time and personal reflection, Lennie found love again. With Helen.  A cleaning fluid from Virginia.

And as we jettison them both before the big jump to Fort Lauderdale, we say Thankyou Lenny. Thankyou Helen. And “Facka-backup-slurpit to Brandi.

It starts here….

The second thing that did happen is that Pookaverse visited POPS Restaurant on Route 66. A place that boasts that over 600 different flavoured sodas are available for sampling on any given day. Pookaverse had no reason to doubt this claim.

…and goes on…

As we weren’t going to drive North any further along Route 66, we opted to drive this 21 miles on Halloween to try and see exactly what was going on here. Or there.

…and on and on and on….

Something extraordinary as we found out.


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