Travel Update 27/11/2012

Travel Info 23-25 November 2012: Washington DC

Travel Info 26/11/2012: Washington DC – Aberdeen, MD

Travel Info 27/11/2012: Aberdeen, MD – Philadelphia, PA (3-day stop)

Hallo from Aberdeen, Maryland at 09:53 on a very wet and wild Tuesday Morning in November. It’s arrived. Winter. And the great collapsing deluge of ‘Holidays’ advertisements for clothes, presents, jewels and lifestyles that may be beyond the means of most Americans this Christmas. I mean this ‘Holidays’.

The Washington Monument…is very, very tall…and shiny. Alison isn’t

Pookaverse was not granted a free wi-fi connection in Washington DC. So rather than pay $12 a day for a service that most hotels offer free of charge, we have had to store some stories up for you. And some pictures. Quick thumbnail. We saw where the President lives. We saw the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington  Monument and the great Iron Dome of Capitol Hill from all angles. From the Mall.

Pookaverse went to Arlington Cemetery from Foggy Bottom Metro station and Rohan even photographed Dupont Circle for those handful of fellow Fallout 3 nerds out there. (It’s in the can, boys. Snicker, snicker. Fnarr, fnarr.)

Pookaverse watched Steven Spielberg’s film Lincoln with probably the most well-behaved film audience yet encountered on both sides of the Atlantic.  Not a mobile phone, feckless chatteret or whinging child in earshot. It’s taken a bit more seriously here. We think.

It is a truly a magnificent city.  So there’ stuff coming. There is definitely a free internet connection in Philadelphia. Where we set off to in a couple of hours time. So we’ll play some catch-up. As the rain rattle’s down outside.

Thank you for all your comments. Sincerely. From Rohan and Alsion. Hooms as part of a wider movement about to jump of from Canada and fall South towards Santiago next Sunday (02/12). And then to Houyhnhnm’s land. And then….


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  1. Andrew Says:

    Luving it,just don’t stop! XX

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