Washington DC – A Big House with a Garden

Pookaverse found Washington DC to be, amongst other things, one of the easiest cities to explore on foot.Based in part on the fact that the National Mall incorporates many buildings, monuments and places within the relatively walk able 389 acres. As well as on a bike. Pookaverse took a guided bike tour with Capital City Bike Tours that took in many sites in just under three hours.

On an exceptionally cold and breezy day on Saturday 23 November. Here are some of the sights along the way.

(Psstt….Nerds. Fallout 3 notations preceded by “FO3:” under each picture. Please keep masturbation to a minimum as it will fur up your palms. Which makes handling your Princess Leia slave girl pictures … less ‘sanitary’).

With health beaming from every orifice, Pookaverse hooms take to the saddle…

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial seen from across the West Potomac River and Tidal Basin. FO3: The ruins of this site housed Project Purity – the plan to provide a clean water source for the survivors of the Greater Washington Area. Compare here.

The controversial Martin Luther King Jr. Monument first witnessed in model form by Pookaverse in Atlanta. Controversial? The artist is Chinese, the stone comes from China and was shipped to the US in sections and re-assembled. FO3: The Great War of 2077 that scorched the Earth in Atomic Fire was between the US and China. Compare here.

The Washington Monument faces off against the setting sun. FO3: Guarded by the Brotherhood of Steel it is re-purposed by the player as a transmission site for Galaxy News Radio. Compare here.

Two Brits and two New Yorkers bookend four Brazillians for the Capitol Hill shot

The Capitol Building with scaffolding ready for the President: FO3: The ruins of the Capitol Building was abandoned to Supermutants and therefore a good place to get your arse kicked up between your shoulderblades. Compare here.

The J. Edgar Hoover Building or FBI Headquarters at 935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

The Presidential Reviewing Stand is already being built ready for President Obama’s inauguration on January 19 2013….FO3: The Presidential Reviewing stand for President Obama’s inauguration was not in Fallout 3

Trivia: The hedge and the exterior appearance of the White House is manicured to match exactly the image on the reverse of an American $20 bill….without the fountain and that tree

The Rear of the White House. The word is that Barack Obama was at home with his family on that day. FO3: The White House was a smoking radioactive crater and could not be visited by the player. Compare here.


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  1. Martin Says:

    Hi Pookaverse

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. Loving the blog – I can almost taste the Nuka-Cola!

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