Dailies – with Love from Pookaverse

All the pics we wanted to show you that couldn’t be included in the blog. We’ll tell you where….but we don’t exactly know when?…….why?…..how?….or what?

Note: All images, including those incorporated into the blog,  can be expanded to a web-friendly 1280 x 960 resolution simply by clicking on them.

A view from ‘The Hole’ with the light on and the door open. From the audio presentation. One prisoner commented on his experiences after being committed to this place for 90 days. He would keep himself ‘sane’ by removing a button from his uniform, flipping it up and letting it drop. Then search for it in the total darkness. Once found, the game would start all over again…

“Famous Inmates” line-up on the wall of D-Block ,Alcatraz Island

D-Block Alcatraz Island. Solitary Confinement and ‘The Hole’. Where Robert Stroud was locked away from the general prison population for over 17 years. Notice the ‘Rogues Gallery on the right – doors to ‘The Hole’ on the far left.

An exhibit recreated within one of the original prison cells holding either Frank Morris, John Anglin or Clarence Anglin and the tools that were used. (Apologies: the exhibit is protected by plexiglass so it was difficult to photograph)

Alcatraz Island in Miniature…

San Francisco from the parade ground on Alcatraz Island..

Taken by a National Park Ranger, Lower Falls, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, WY

The canyon is rusting…the ongoing hydro thermal alteration leads to spectacular colour changes over millenia, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Yellowstone, WY

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Downriver, WY

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Lower Falls, WY

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Upper Falls, WY

“Right behind you Pardner”. Jackson Hole, WY

Finally, after 500 miles of advertising it’s Wall Drug, Wall, SD

Alison tries to attract the attention of the strong silent type near the entrance to Wall Drug, Wall SD

More Buffalo from the herd at Custer State Park

One of the original scale models that the team of engineers and artists are blasting to, Crazy Horse Memorial, SD

Scale Check. Mount Rushmore’s entire carving’s would fit neatly in to the side of Crazy Horse’s (soon to be) head, Crazy Horse Memorial, SD

Rushmore in Miniature, Rushmore National Monument, SD

Looking the other way, Rushmore National Monument, SD

A glance across to part of the Badlands National Park, SD

Into a cooling furnace, Badlands National Park, SD

Refueling on the Prairie. 31 miles from the Badlands, SD

Somewhere between Sioux Falls and Rapid City (South Dakota)

Dog Boutique, Hyannis, Cape Cod MA

Old Harbour, Nantucket Island, MA

Bunker Hill Memorial, Boston, MA


2 Responses to “Dailies – with Love from Pookaverse”

  1. pookaverse Says:

    New Pictures Added for South Dakota

  2. jose Says:

    The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Lower Falls more spectacular than Niagara, what a vast wild country it is as seen from the Badlands photos.

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