Journey, Route and Trip – Download The Plan HERE

When arriving on a whole continent, it seemed important to my ‘type’ that there is a plan so that you can get about a bit.

This is the Trip Overview

Here is the entire Route and Trip of the USA and beyond with miles and timings. The author gives you permission to dine out on this information to break the ice at parties/raves/orgies/worship and corporate events.

The road to Santiago via Newark Liberty International Airport

USA and South America – Trip Plan

(link opens automatically and you can download the MS Excel 2003 spreadsheet containing the journey plan to your c omputer)

The Plan Needs YOU!

We know that a number of you have visited and even lived in the USA and South America.

Any suggestions that you have for places, sights and sounds that are both personal and significant to you that we can visit, photograph, and reflect back to you with endless regaling of OUR ADVENTURE in a crass, high-handed and entirely inappropriate manner…would be kind-of gratefully received/acknowledged/grudgingly accepted below.


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